Silom - hang out gay area for party boyz

Silom is the main gay district of Bangkok, the hard core of queer metropolitan life. An abundance of gay clubs and bars, fun atmosphere and thousands of guys from all over the world are waiting Silom’s visitors. Once having been there you will never be able to forget this place. In all of Bangkok one cannot find the area with such a plenty of venues  with such a choice of entertainment and service for gays.

By Silom we mean the district which includes Silom Road and neighboring streets Sathorn, Surawong and Rama IV. Оn those streets the main gay spots are located which open their doors every day for local and tourists.

Totally this area of ​​Bangkok includes over 50 venues for LGBT for every taste and for any occasion. Rainbow rest on Silom organized 24 hours. The tumultuous life there begins at 6 pm when bars and nightclubs open and Thais and tourists flock to Silom from all Bangkok. Well, the hottest time begins after midnight when most of the guys are hozy already and ready to have fun. In the afternoon there visitors can go for a massage and have a cheap lunch at one of the restaurants.

Silom is huge area but gay spots are scattered hiding in alleys and buildings. There are three alleys (soi) that content with gay venues: Silom Soi 2, Silom Soi 4 and Soi Twilight. Others venues dispersed throughout the district. Well, with our maps and filters you can find any spot you are interested. Welcome to Silom and let’s enjoy it.

Gay map Silom in Bangkok

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Gay spots at Silom in Bangkok

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