Malaysia - the land of sweet forbidden fruits

Malaysia is a muslim county located in Southeast Asia, the foundation date of which is considered to be 1963. From 1874 until the founding date the country was a British colony.
Malaysia consists of two parts: Western and Eastern. The western part is on mainland and is bordered on the north with Thailand, and also has sea borders with Singapore and Indonesia. The easten part is located on Kalimantan Island with adjacent islands and has common land borders with Brunei on the north and Indonesia on the south, and sea border with the Philippines.
Malaysia is an unfavorable country for the gay community. The reasons are the main state religion Islam and its traditional rejection of homosexuality, as well as the anti-gay law that came on from the colonial inheritance.
Despite the prohibition of homosexuality gay culture flourishes in the country under the influence of social networks. There are several dozen spots for LGBT open in the capital, Kuala Lumpur.