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I so much miss Bangkok and Silom. Does that place open this days?


Not impressed


On the 8th of July Monday at 3:15 pm.
I,as a Chinese-Asian guy in my mid 20’s decided to go to - Chakran Traditional Massage therapy for massages. When I arrived the shop,an Indian guy was on his way out and he opens the door for me so I walked-in and asked the Receptionist(/Staff) : "How much is your massage and What’s included?"
He then replied : "Massage is after 5pm,come back after 5pm!" Ohhh so I asked him instead: "What services do you guys offering now then ?"
He keeps quiet(Silent) for a while then continued said massages after 5pm! That’s when I was so shocked N stun by his Rude attitude&behavior,All I can do is just standing by there looking at him until the (worse of the worse happened),He then told me to move aside and Stop blocking him from watching the TV instead (as I think there’s a TV screen located in front of his seat) - OMG ! OMG ! WALAO !

That time I felt like he’s discriminating against me - as a Chinese,or only wanted Indian customers OR another one of those typical proud rude staff who thinks that I can’t afford or pay whateva services they offer !

I really didn't know what to do then,as I don't think there's Manager or Supervisor(/person-in charged) that I can report or complain to.. so then all I can do is continued to say: "Okay,then can I have a look around or see the place first then? Guess what he said.. Yup, he just replied: "NO".

Oh My God ! Holy- SH1T !!!
Then he only explained to me: You have to pay first before you can go in. Anywhere, any place else is also the same- you have to pay first then you can go in !! At that point, I just left the shop.

Today I finally found out that Customers can also get treated like lowlife SH1T by staff(/employees) the same way as the employees (/staff worker) by their bosses or as-other Customers!“


Its years ago that former suriwong hotel was renamed Bavana-renowned also for its shorttime rooms. Before it was boy66 it was Jupiter here. Currently the showbar with highest prices and also not quite so gay-gets a lot of asian female customers who also hire the boys. Many boys are goodlooking models, at least for Thai taste.


Rachada has been charging people over 50 a lot more for it's events. I'm not sure about its normal opening hrs. It's not that easy to get to from the MRT. It takes some navigation. Note: