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For more info and reviews google for their own website. Specialises in men who work out and tend to be on age higher as 25. Forget about all the massage types, do not go for VIProom, just come to make some fun. Watch out-many internal steep stairs to climb.


Its years ago that former suriwong hotel was renamed Bavana-renowned also for its shorttime rooms. Before it was boy66 it was Jupiter here. Currently the showbar with highest prices and also not quite so gay-gets a lot of asian female customers who also hire the boys. Many boys are goodlooking models, at least for Thai taste.


Rachada has been charging people over 50 a lot more for it's events. I'm not sure about its normal opening hrs. It's not that easy to get to from the MRT. It takes some navigation. Note:


Recently refurbished and cleaned up. Now very pleasant. Showers, hot sauna, two rooms for resting, TV room, but... the best part is upstairs (watch out: the spiral staircase is very steep and slippery!). Walk through the roof garden. At the end is a half-screened space with mattresses on the floor. Semi-private, but not a dark room: it's very clear what everyone is doing! Don't be shy! Someone will soon join you, or join someone who's already having fun. You'll have a great time!


Nice place, but that’s about where the “nice” stops. The massage I got there was below average and the service after was perfunctory. The boy was picked from a photo album and turned up in a few minutes. This is a method of selection I hate, as I want my massage to start there and then. The massage was on the poor side of OK and the service after was typical “I’m a straight boy and I don’t do this unless the pay is really good”. And obviously the pay wasn’t that good. After the massage I was offered another shower (having had one before we started) but the boy was cleaning the room rather than cleaning me. I did wonder if I’d got a full wallet how much cleaning would be done there. Having said all that, this was just one visit and I wasn’t exactly keen to go back again. I will, but I’ll be more cautious next time and have far lower expectations! They are at small subsoi Sawatdi Sukhumvit Soi 31. Not hard to find but better take motorsai from MRT Sukhumvit or Petchaburi or BTS Asok .