Pattaya gay beach

Pattaya gay beach

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City: Pattaya
Action: Sunbathe show spots

A lot of interesting things happens on the Pattaya gay beach where you can find not only sea, sun and sand but also some entertainment

General info

Open / Close 24 hours
City area Jomtien
Spot's type Beach
Attributes Alcohol Soft drinks Food Appetizer Мassotherapy


Pattaya Gay Beach is located on territory of Dongtan Beach near Jomtien Beach. Just a few hundred steps from the gay beach is located gay quarter Jomtien Complex. Thousands of LGBT tourists spend their holidays on these sands every year.

Pattaya gay beach

A rainbow flag is set on the gay beach - by this guidance the place is easy to find. But sometimes the flag is missing in its place. In this case, hotels Rabbit Resort Pattaya and Tui's Place Guest Hous can be landmarks for find gay beach.
On the beach you can rent a deck chair under an umbrella for the whole day or sit right on the beach. Those who rent the deck chair can use wifi for free.
Dongtan beach actively has been upgrading in recent years. There were built a modern parking, storm sewer, wide road and walking area. The quality of the beach at the same time leaves much to be desired: the sea is muddy, large fractions of sand and trash on the beach is an ordinary thing. Although the beach is cleaned several times a day. In general for a beach rest Pattaya is not the best resort in Thailand.
On the beach you can do not only sunbathe, you can find  there a lot of other entertainment. One of those is Thai massage. There are a lot of massagers on the beach who offer to do a foot massage or body massage. Massage here is quite expensive - from 300 baht per hour. In addition to massage on the beach offer manicure and pedicure.
Visitors can find some active entertainment on the beach as well. For example, you can play volleyball - the playground is located a few hundred meters deep into beach. Thai gays from the morning until the darkness chase the ball getting a great dimensional tan. In addition at the beginning of Jomtien Beach you can rent a hydroscooter and cut through the waves of Siam Bay.
On the beach is an active trade. Merchants often approach vacationers and offer to buy sunglasses, caps, hats, scarves, souvenirs, interior items and much more. Also they sell fresh chopped fruits, seafood, snacks, drinks, cakes and etc. On the beach you can order food that is cooked in a restaurant and brought to your deck chair. You can also order a beer, water or other drink directly from a beholder behind the deck chair. Very popular drink is coconut milk that is served directly in the chilled freshcut coconuts.
After sunset the beach continues a nightlife. In the evening people come here to hang out: they sit on the sand and have a night picnic. A few years ago escort boys, who are hundreds in gay Pattaya, carried a night watch right on the sand. They guarded the lost tourists - their potential customers. Now you won't find much offering escort services on the gay beach at night.

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Address: Dongtan beach, Jomtien, Pattaya, Thailand
Hits: 1670
Last modified on 02 January 2019
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