NAB Men Club Pattaya

NAB Men Club Pattaya

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City: Pattaya
Action: Hang out show spots

Popular gay club NAB in Pattaya gathers audience from local and travellers with humorous shows and perfomances with attractive dancers

General info

Open / Close 22.00 - 04.00
City area Central Pattaya
Spot's type Bar / Pub Dance club
Attributes Alcohol Soft drinks DJ music Dance hall Cabaret show Erotic male show
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Pattaya offers a huge selection of entertainment for locals and tourists. And thank to Buddha they didn't neglect a gay community. For lnight parties fans we recommend the once most popular gay nightclub Nab.
The club is open from 10 pm to 4 am (but sometimes until 5-6 in the morning). The entrance is free but some single visitor might be charged at the entrance for bottle of beer by bar's price in order to get that bottle inside.
Nightclub Nab is one of the projects of the Pattaya Dragon Project group which have established themselves as ace in a entertainment industry. Nab was opened in 2009. Previously on that place was a pub with girls called Lounge. The reason for a opening the gay venue on a Pattaya market was a blooming of the gay entertainment industry. The project developed as aimed to high-class visitors, both local and foreigners, with perform of various shows and dancing muscular men.
The club is positioning itself as a dance. But we cannot give it that status for a reason described below.
The first years of work Nab Men Club was the most popular gay disco in Pattaya which attracted visitors not only from the city. Here came the guys from neighboring cities as well as from Bangkok. Experts called the club one of the best in Thailand. To this day the club competes even with the capital venues. Over the ten years of existence the club's building has undergone a major overhaul three times that indicates the flexibility of management, who seeks to create comfortable conditions for visitors.
Currently, the club has lost former popularity, but on some days the Nab-club gets so crowded that becomes difficult to move around there. So the gay party at the Nab can be called trendy, massive, fashionable, in a word - rave.
Hall in the club is only one. On the second floor are tables for VIP-clients. At midnight and 2 am they show funny ladyboy shows. A anchorman makes fun comments in Thai and those who understand him laugh sincerely. On a stage a few beautiful guys in underwear only constantly dance. Sometimes they are famous Thai model. Sometimes the club invites novice actors who have already flashed on the TV. If you like some of them, you can invite him to your table and treat with drink.
The club bar is well-stocked with alcohol. A small bottle of cola or soda costs 60 baht, beer and cocktails - from 250 baht, bottle of Red Label - 1200 baht.
Music - pop, disco, hip-hop, trance, techno, hardcore, harddance, minimal, drum and Bass, psychedelic and ect.
In our opinion the NAB Men Club has one, but a significant drawback: it's in Thai style. That means that there is no dance floor and customers have to stand around small tables which are located tightly to each others. This style of clubs prevail throughout Thailand. Clubs in this style dominate all over Thailand.
The Nab Men Club is located in the central part of Pattaya. A cabaret show Alcazar on Second Road and a fast food restaurant McDonalds located almost opposite Alcazar can be as reference points to find the club. As soon as you see McDonald’s turn inland alley: the gay club Nab is located a few dozen meters from the restaurant. You can find the entrance to the Nab from Beach Road also.

Contacts & map

Phone: +66 (0) 3841 6043
Mobile: +66 (0) 8 1589 2877
Address: 225/2, Soi 5/1, Second Road, Pattaya, Thailand
Hits: 1492
Last modified on 02 January 2019
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