Chakran KL

Chakran KL - gay sauna and massage

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City: Kuala Lumpur
Action: Bathe show spots

Small but cozy gay sauna located in the center of Kuala Lumpur

General info

Open / Close 12:00 - 23:00
City area Brickfields
Spot's type Massage and SPA Bathhouse
Attributes Soft drinks Appetizer Rooftop Chill-out Steam room Dry sauna


Chakran KL is a relatively small bathhouse for men that features a massage service, a dry sauna, a steam room and a rooftop terrace with beautiful garden. Chakran KL treats visitors with free tea/coffee and snacks. Attracts mostly local guys.
The sauna is located within walking distance from monorail station KL Sentral.
The institution's official page in internet or social networks doesn't exsist, but the owner (manager) maintain contact with clients through personal FB pages Chakran Kuala Lumpur and Chakran KL.

BY THE WAY! Gay sauna with the same name (Chakran Sauna) is located in the neighboring country Thailand, in Bangkok.

Contacts & map

Mobile: +60 11 1143 2969
Address: 22, Jalan Padang Belia, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hits: 4724
Last modified on 14 March 2019
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Users' reviews
1-in a Lifetime experiences that needed to be shared &Tell Everyone !!!

On the 8th of July Monday at 3:15 pm.
I,as a Chinese-Asian guy in my mid 20’s decided to go to - Chakran Traditional Massage therapy for massages. When I arrived the shop,an Indian guy was on his way out and he opens the door for me so I walked-in and asked the Receptionist(/Staff) : "How much is your massage and What’s included?"
He then replied : "Massage is after 5pm,come back after 5pm!" Ohhh so I asked him instead: "What services do you guys offering now then ?"
He keeps quiet(Silent) for a while then continued said massages after 5pm! That’s when I was so shocked N stun by his Rude attitude&behavior,All I can do is just standing by there looking at him until the (worse of the worse happened),He then told me to move aside and Stop blocking him from watching the TV instead (as I think there’s a TV screen located in front of his seat) - OMG ! OMG ! WALAO !

That time I felt like he’s discriminating against me - as a Chinese,or only wanted Indian customers OR another one of those typical proud rude staff who thinks that I can’t afford or pay whateva services they offer !

I really didn't know what to do then,as I don't think there's Manager or Supervisor(/person-in charged) that I can report or complain to.. so then all I can do is continued to say: "Okay,then can I have a look around or see the place first then? Guess what he said.. Yup, he just replied: "NO".

Oh My God ! Holy- SH1T !!!
Then he only explained to me: You have to pay first before you can go in. Anywhere, any place else is also the same- you have to pay first then you can go in !! At that point, I just left the shop.

Today I finally found out that Customers can also get treated like lowlife SH1T by staff(/employees) the same way as the employees (/staff worker) by their bosses or as-other Customers!“

Toxic Jason think he is a superior race

I cannot simply ignore such a racist comment by Jason above. The way you have written with direct discriminatory comments reeks worst of your lowlife mentality, dire desperation, and deep anxiety. Talk about the people and the place not their protected characteristics such as race and colour. Anyone can be rude, not an attribute to any particular race. As a Malaysian Chinese I am ashamed of you who is a disgrace to the whole community. You can smell like lard oil next time you are there to seek your sweet revenge for any sake Jason but stop talking about race like you live inside where the sun doesn't shine.

Still open

Hi is it this sauna still in operation or closed

Chakran KL

Recently refurbished and cleaned up. Now very pleasant. Showers, hot sauna, two rooms for resting, TV room, but... the best part is upstairs (watch out: the spiral staircase is very steep and slippery!). Walk through the roof garden. At the end is a half-screened space with mattresses on the floor. Semi-private, but not a dark room: it's very clear what everyone is doing! Don't be shy! Someone will soon join you, or join someone who's already having fun. You'll have a great time!

Fc*King Curry-Smelly SH1T Indian Receptionists

Today I literally just arrived at around 11am by GrabCar from Petaling Jaya then went back already by 11.20am, back to PJ. Today I went to ask for a massage but instead I got told off to come back after 5pm*(I checked everything on their websites & Internet before coming and DID NOT MENTION anything abt massages after 5pm) so I asked him instead what services Do you have ? /Offer now ?! He still keeps repeat Massage after 5pm (then the worse of the worse happened= He told me to stop blocking him from TV) after I was stunned by his Disgusted Indian's behaviour !.....Like What's happening O even What's going-on ??!
Fc*King Smelly Cancer Curry Lowlife-Indians!
~ Ciao :D
(IF THERE'S A ZERO(0) rating, I WOULD)

Awesome place

I was there yesterday and had a fantastic time. The steam room, outdoor garden all superb. manage to blow and get some blows in the steam room and garden. will definitely visit again.

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